When I first opened a deck of Tarot cards, somehow I knew these strange, enigmatic characters and numbers could impart profound insights into answering the perennial questions ‘Who am I ?; Why am I here ?; What is my destiny ?’.

My research began a quest to decipher and understand the Tarot’s symbolic language and what it teaches us about the human psyche and the full spectrum of human nature. The Tarot marks the mile stones on our journey in life from naivety to self-knowledge and wisdom. It was never intended to be used as a fairground amusement for fortune telling.

As an architect, Goethe’s quote: Architecture is frozen music was another 'Eureka' moment. Here, I discovered that when the fundamental principles of design, geometry and structure of a building are based on harmonic ratios, musical intervals and proportional volumes, it will resonate with the same harmonic ratios in our body. Such vibrational sounds and colours create a life-enhancing environment.

At the present time, it is our loss that we ignore the esoteric wisdom of the Tarot, architecture and other arts and sciences that have been taught throughout the ages.

There is a common bond with the esoteric wisdom and meaning of the Tarot, architecture, life, health and the natural World about us. My professional work, seminars and writings are devoted to restoring these perennial values to draw together these seemingly unrelated strands.