The Authentic Tarot

challenges the popular view of the cards as a device for fortune-telling. In his book The Authentic Tarot he sets out the true purpose of the Tarot which is to provide wisdom, guidance and insight into where we are on our path through life.

The Tarot deck is a ‘book’ of 78 cards that tells an allegorical story of our quest in life, using a symbolic language of archetypal pictograms and numbers. In its truest form, the Tarot is an ancient tool for self-development, self-realisation.

Thomas Saunders decodes what may be the oldest known complete deck of cards – the Ancien Tarot de Marseille – which retains the greatest integrity for their original function. He explains the symbolism of each card and the relationships between the different cards, suggesting how the wisdom of the Tarot can help us to self-awareness and an understanding of where we are at present and the next step forward in our quest.

Thomas argues that the self-awareness that appears to be lacking in our modern society is a problem that leads to the breakdown of community and our modern malaise, especially amongst stressed-out young urbanites. He also outlines how the Tarot can be used as an ethical guide for political and business leaders.


Book: ISBN - 13:978-1-905857-26-5

E-book: ISBN - 10:1-905857-26-8