The Tarot speaks to us in a symbolic language of archetypal pictographs and numbers that are a reflection of ourself and what we need to know and understand about our human endeavours. The cards covertly mark the steps along life’s path that can move us closer to living by grace and becoming a fully realised human being. Its mystical teachings express our transformational journey from naivety to wisdom and self-discovery – C G Jung called this becoming that which we already are!

Seminar 1

A one-day seminar:

The Tarot’s milestones from Naivety to Wisdom

Seminar 2

A one-day seminar:

Deciphering the Language of the Tarot

Seminar 3

A two-day seminar:

Combining Seminars 1 (The Tarot’s milestones from Naivety to Wisdom) & 2 (Deciphering the Language of the Tarot)

Seminar 4

Day or evening workshops:

Reading the Tarot cards


Duration variable

An introduction to the Tarot’s enigmatic symbolism

Our spiritual quest –The 21 milestones to freedom

The Tarot, Myths and Fairy Tales

The Tarot as codes for Living, Business and Politics

Reading a spread