The Tarot

The Ancien Tarot de Marseille may be the oldest known complete deck of cards which retains the authentic integrity as an ancient tool for self-discovery.

The origins of the Tarot are shrouded in mystery, myth and speculation. It is an ancient oracle for self – understanding and knowledge.
In my book The Authentic Tarot, I challenge the popular view of the cards as merely a device for fortune-telling or that it is ‘the sinister work of the Devil’.

In its authentic form, the Tarot is a profound ‘book’ – an encyclopaedia of magical images encoded in a covert, symbolic language in 78 pictures and numbers that express the full spectrum of human nature and characteristics. These are the archetypal characters we meet in our dreams, myths and fairytales that mark the mile stones we have to pass on our journey in life from naivety to maturity and wisdom.

The arcane teachings encoded in the Tarot, when deciphered and understood, can give us the insights and a map and compass we can use to enhance our daily lives and take the next positive step forward towards self-realisation and fulfilment. It can be the basis for a personal code for living and a charter for business and politics.

The cards have been described as The 22 Steps to Freedom; The Path of the Spiritual Warrior; The Sacred Procession; The Path of Self-understanding.